Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a perfect option for many people, providing clear vision without the need for glasses. Advances in technology have made contact lenses more comfortable, affordable and easier to care for.

At Eyekonic we offer a wide choice of contact lens designs suitable for all day wear, sport, leisure activities or for those who just don’t want to wear glasses all the time.  There are also contact lens options if you already wear reading glasses or multifocals.

We also fit and supply rigid gas permeable contact lenses which offer a better visual solution for certain eye shapes, or eye conditions such as keratoconus.

Contact lenses are also available to slow myopia progression.

Our optometrists will find the most appropriate contact lens for you by checking your prescription, eye shape and tear production. You will receive personalised instruction in how to insert and remove the lenses, and how to care for them.

For new contact lens wearers, we will schedule regular follow ups. Established contact lens wearers are encouraged to have annual check ups.

  • We recommend a comprehensive eye examination first if you haven’t had one in the last three years or have experienced a change in vision
  • Book a Contact lens fitting if you are a brand new contact lens wearer



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