Eyekonic has partnered with ZEISS to provide only the best quality lenses in our glasses.

Each ZEISS lens is the result of over 175 years of experience, research and innovation in optics.

ZEISS My Vision Profile

Understand your lifestyle and get a clear picture of your Vision Profile and which ZEISS lens solution will be most suitable to you.

Sunglass level UV protection in clear ZEISS lenses.

UV rays are harmful to our long term eye health, even on cloudy days. That’s why ZEISS has created a new standard of eye care - ZEISS UVProtect.

ZEISS BluePro - More protection, less reflection

Our lives are becoming more and more digital. We work, play, learn, and shop online, wherever we are. With this lifestyle change, we rely on our eyes more than ever before. This means that, besides the potentially harmful blue light exposure from the sun, we’re also more vulnerable to artificial blue light.

Protect your eyes from the challenges of the new normal with ZEISS BluePro Lenses. They're designed to address digital eye strain, without annoying blue-purple reflections.

Our eyes have never been busier in today’s on-the-move, always connected world. Give your eyes what they need with ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Lenses, so that whatever your eyes face today, you’ll always have sharp, clear and comfortable vision.

ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Pure

ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Individual 3

Give your child a better outlook on life with 
ZEISS MyoCare Lenses 

Kids learn and grow through what they see. Their vision makes a huge difference in their development and their future. That‘s why our ZEISS MyoCare Portfolio consists of lenses that are specially designed for young spectacle wearers. 

ZEISS SmartLife Young Lenses

ZEISS SmartLife Young lenses are specially crafted for young lens wearers to offer better optical performance compared to lenses designed with adults in mind.

A child’s anatomy changes constantly. Their eyes and faces have different proportions compared to adults. This - and their smaller frames - affect how lenses are positioned in front of the eyes. It can impact how well they’ll see.

ZEISS Dynamic AgeFit technology considers age-specific details of kids’ faces and frames - for every young wearer to enjoy spot-on vision.

ZEISS Office Lenses

ZEISS Office Lenses have been specifically designed for the office environment.

Features & Benefits:

*  Relaxed and natural vision in the office
*  Comfortable head and body posture
*  Offering a choice of three working distances
*  Wide vision zones for near and intermediate vision

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

Optimised clear lenses or sunglasses for driving. Available in Single Vision or Progressive lens types.

Features & Benefits:

* ZEISS Luminance Design® Technology provides better vision in low light conditions

* ZEISS DriveSafe coating reduces glare at night from oncoming cars and street lights

* Accurate vision of the road, dashboard, rear view mirror and side mirrors

High quality lenses require high quality treatments. Depending on your needs, DuraVision® Premium Coatings by ZEISS can offer you the following:

Great appearance

Anti-reflective coating,
so you can see
and be see more clearly


Superior hardness
and scratch

Easy care

Water and oil
repellence with
anti-static properties

Blue light protection

coating, so you can see
and be see more clearly


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