Eyekonic Technology

DRI - Digital Retinal Imaging

A non invasive procedure which  produces high resolution, true colour images of your retina ,optic nerve, macula and blood vessels at the back of your eye. It has become a very important part  of the regular eye exam as it allows for early detection of ocular disease by monitoring for changes in the retina. 

OCT  -   Optical Coherence Tomography

This is a non invasive imaging technique similar to ultrasound, but using light waves. It takes cross section pictures, so the layers of the retina can be seen, similar to a slice of cake. It provides valuable information for differential diagnosis  of retinal conditions including macula hole, macula swelling (oedema) and macula degeneration. It is also used to assess for   glaucoma by measuring the area around the optic nerve.

We are able to adapt our OCT to scan structures at the front of the eye. The non contact technology allows precise visualisation of the ocular surface and corneal layers  through to the iris.

Corneal Topography

This is a special photography technique which maps the cornea - the front surface of the eye. It presents highs and lows and irregular areas in the surface- like a contour map showing hills and valleys.

Corneal topography is used for diagnosing and monitoring conditions such as keratoconus, in specialist contact lens fitting, including ortho K for myopia control , and,  in co management for laser refractive surgery.


This imaging technique directly visualises the structure of glands in the eyelids which produce the oily secretions in tears. The information is used in dry eye assessment and to determine best management of the condition.


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