Frame Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance is essential to keep frames in good condition. We recommend coming in on a regular basis for us to service your frames.

If your frames are damaged, we will advise on the necessary repair work and replacement parts needed.

Safety Eyewear

We deal with an Australian safety appliance manufacturer (PSG) who supply the largest range of safety prescription eyewear and comply with AS/NZS1337.6 standards.

Safety spectacles provide protection for the eyes against common occupational hazards. These include projectiles, dust, splashes and molten metals, harmful gases, vapours and aerosols.

We assist in the selection and supply of safe, efficient and comfortable safety wear including protection against sun glare.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

We supply DVA spectacles to eligible veterans.

We carry a large selection of frames fully covered by DVA.  If you choose frames or lenses that are not covered by DVA , there will be an out of pocket expense.

DVA also fund clip-on sunglasses, or sunglasses that fit over your prescription glasses.

Community Service

We accept your old spectacles which are serviced  and  then re distributed to those in need.


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Where to find us - WE are located on Olive street opposite the coles express shell service station

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