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Protecting your eyes throughout Summer

Protecting your eyes throughout summer


As the summer sun graces us with its warmth, it's crucial to remember that your eyes need protection too!

Extended exposure to sunlight heightens the likelihood of developing eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration...     <read more here>

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27/12/2023. Author:  Bal Nagi & Judy Kwan

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Myopia Management for children wearing Spectacles

Zeiss MyoCare Myopia

New! Zeiss MyoCare for Myopia Control


There are now more children needing glasses to see far away and it's even more concerning that their vision can change very quickly, progressively increasing their risk of suffering from serious eye conditions, like retinal detachment. 

Zeiss has just launched a new spectacle lens which can assist in controlling the progression of myopia.       <read more here>

#spectaclelenses #myopia #myopiacontrol #CARE #myopiamanagement #zeiss

08/07/2023. Author:  Bal Nagi & Judy Kwan

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The Best Spectacle Frame Materials for Your Eyewear

Caroline Herrera Frames

Don’t compromise on quality or style.


Spectacles have evolved with time and so have the materials used to make them. The frame is a crucial component that holds the lenses in place and is constantly in contact with its wearer. The frame material affects its durability, comfort, and appearance.

Let’s explore the most common spectacle frame materials, to help you choose the perfect frame for your eyewear.

Metal Frames: ..........        <read more here>

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22/04/2023. Author:  Bal Nagi & Juarn Watson

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Orthokeratology  (ortho-k) and its benefits


Revolutionise Your Eye Sight While You Sleep.


Orthokeratology, or ortho-k, is a myopia correcting, non-surgical therapy that offers many lifestyle benefits to both children and adults. This therapy involves wearing gas-permeable contact lenses at night, while you sleep, which gently reshape the front surfaces of your eyes.

Here are some of the ways ortho-k can benefit you:

  • Ortho-k is designed to correct myopia, short/near-sightedness.........        <read more here>

#OrthoK #Orthokeratology #NonsurgicalTherapy #GasPermeableContactLenses #ReshapeEyes #VisionCorrection #Myopia #MyopiaManagement #ProgressiveMyopia #NoMoreGlasses #NoMoreContacts #SportsVision #AlternativeToSurgery #EyekonicOptometry

22/04/2023. Author:  Krystyna Zabkiewicz & Judy Kwan

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Daylight Savings and Your Vision


A subtle time change that makes all the difference.


Daylight savings will end this Sunday 2nd April 2023. The days will be shorter and the sun’s rays will now be directed at a different angle.  It is essential to remember that this change in time can affect our health, especially our sleep and vision.

As the end of Daylight savings can impact your eyes, .......... <read more here>

#daylightsavings #vision #glare #headaches #tiredeyes #fatigue #bluefilter #bodyclock #circadiumrhythm

29/03/2023. Author: Judy Kwan & Bal Nagi

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Glaucoma: The sneak thief of sight

Glaucoma Eye Image

Unfortunately, many people with glaucoma don't experience symptoms until it's too late. That's why it's crucial to get a comprehensive dilated eye exam regularly.


Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that can lead to blindness if left untreated. Fortunately, early detection and treatment can help prevent vision loss.

It's important to note that while glaucoma is often associated with older individuals, it can actually occur at any age, including in children. . <read more here>

 #sneakofsight #blindness #vision #eyepressure #oct #visualfield #glaucomaaustralia #headaches #soreeyes #glaucoma #eyehealth #visionloss #sightloss #eyedisease #ophthalmology #eyecare #intraocularpressure #opticnerve #eyesight #eyedrops #optometrist #cataract #maculardegeneration #diabeticretinopathy

22/03/2023. Author: Judy Kwan & Bal Nagi

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Presbyopia: My arms are not long enough


All of a sudden, you are concentrating harder to read the small writing on the back of food labels, maybe you need to enlarge the font on your phone or perhaps you wish your arms were longer as you hold things further away to see it better.


This is a normal process, called presbyopia, and is not a cause for concern. Good glasses and multifocal contact lenses and/or progressive lenses are now available to ensure that you can enjoy good quality vision across all distances.

It begins somewhere between the age of 40 and 50..... <read more here>

#presbyopia #age #readingproblem #longerarms #near #spectacles #multifocals #progressives #long-sighted #short-sighted #hyperopia 

08/03/2023. Author: Judy Kwan & Bal Nagi

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LIPO frames

Lipo kids frames


LIPO spectacle frames are suitable for babies, children and teenagers. LIPO spectacle frames is a patented system with no metal parts on the frame. These frames are flexible, light weight (8grams) and have nose pads and temples that are fully adjustable and replaceable.

This means the frame will fit well, reducing the chance of slipping, meaning that your child will always be looking through the optical center of the lens.

Available in many different colours, these frames will definitely give your child the confidence to be fashionable and comfortable while seeing well.

#flexibleframes #flexible #LIPO #kids #babies #teenagers #newrange #colours #frames #lightweight #adjustable #nosepads #templetips

01/03/2023. Author: Judy Kwan & Bal Nagi

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Looking after your Child's vision

Myopia control kids

Children need to have regular eye check-up, especially before they start school or during kindergarten. If your child is spending time in front of digital devices or reading a lot, then they also need to be regularly checked.

Does your child(ren) have any of the below symptoms or signs?


If you or your partner has glasses to see far away (myopia), it is more likely that your child will also develop myopia.

The most obvious symptom of myopia is that your child complains of being unable to see far away. I.e. The whiteboard at school or street signs are hard to see.

They may also:

  • Sit closer to the TV
  • Hold books and devices closer to their face
  • Scrunch their eyes and blink often to see more clearly


Headaches or soreness around the eyes and forehead can be a sign of stress keeping eyes focused for near. This can be due to long-sightedness (hyperopia) or difficulty working the eyes together comfortably.

Other signs include:

  • Eye rubbing
  • Tired looking eyes especially after school
  • Words jumping or look blurred on the page
  • Taking a long time to finish homework
  • Avoidance of near activities which need prolonged/ sustained near focus are other signs to look out for.

If your child’s teacher has mentioned that your child is easily distracted, cannot concentrate and complete lessons or is not progressing at school as expected, these could also be vision related.


As the amount of study increases during school years, it is important for your child to have regular eye checks ups to ensure they have been set up for success.

If needed, eye exercises and/or glasses may be recommended which can make reading to learn a more comfortable and enjoyable activity.

At Eyekonic Optometry we can assess how much effort is required to keep vision clear and comfortable. Book an appointment, for your child, with one of our friendly optometrists today at: https://www.eyekonic.com.au/online-booking-system.html

#backtoschool #eyecheck #kids #childrenvision #myopia #hyperopia #astigmatism #digitaldevice

11/01/2023. Author: Krystyna Zabkiewicz

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BEAUTY CAN BE SAFE: Eye makeup for sensitive eyes

Sensitive eyes make-up


The plethora of eye make-up that is now available certainly leaves us very confused. Choosing the BEST make-up to keep our eyes healthy can also be quite challenging. Some make-up is simply not compatible with our eyes and can instead leave our eyes feeling dry, irritated and itchy.

As a guide, we know that certain ingredients may irritate the eyes and should be avoided.

These include:

  • Glitter/metallic colours: these get caught in the eyelids
  • Fragrance: may trigger allergies, asthma and migraines
  • Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK): used as a preservative
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate: A cleanser and is known to cause skin irritation.
  • Phenoxyethanol: found in many cosmetics. Known to damage eyelid glands, irritate the eyes and skin.
  • Hydroquinone: skin lightener that has been linked to cancer
  • Isopropyl cloprostenate: found in eyelash growth serums, may cause redness, soreness and irritation of the eyelids

Designed to minimise irritation, a line of beauty products has now been introduced that is uniquely focused on eye health.  The products do not contain the above mentioned irritants, are vegan and cruelty free and have been tested by Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist.

The ÈYES ARE THE STORY line of makeup products have been manufactured to optimise success and minimise irritation. Available now in Australia as a mascara, eyeliner, cleanser and serum, call us on 9639 8022 to place an order for your ÈYES ARE THE STORY make-up today!

#makeup #eyeliner #mascara # foundation #serum #eyes #spectacles #optometrist #dryeyes #sensitive #eyesarethestory

14/12/2022. Author: Judy Kwan

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Make-Up Tips for Spectacle Wearers

Make up eyes

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to make-up for spectacle wearers.

There are few things worth considering; your eye size/shape, and the type of glasses you wear. So, if you are long-sighted, your spectacles will magnify your eyes and make-up. While those who are short-sighted have the opposite problem; your eyes might look smaller.

It is important to add definition to your eyes because spectacles can obscure your eyes and eyebrows. Below are some helpful hints to enhance your eyes whilst wearing spectacles.


·       Under eye area can be brightened with a concealer or a colour corrector. Keep foundation light and matt around nose area where spectacles sit. This helps prevent frames slipping. A setting powder around nose area will ensure greater longevity of foundation.


·       Colour: Eyeliner is best kept to a dark brown shade or a colour, such as navy. Black can be too harsh. Either a smudged eyeliner or shadow is best. Some people use kohl to line the eyes, it gives a soft silky finish however it is oilier and smudges quickly. Liquid liner can be severe looking. Applying an eyeliner outside the lash line, not the rim, or waterline makes your eyes look larger. As well as being much healthier for your eyes.

  • Shape: Your eyebrows are a great frame for your face. Shape and tidy brows, making sure your brows match the size and style of your spectacle frame.


  • Use a volumizing mascara instead of a lengthening one. Lengthening mascara can get on your spectacle lenses. An eyelash curler is recommended as they lift your lashes whilst giving a more open eye look. Also preventing lashes from hitting your lenses.

A NON waterproof, smudge proof, flake proof defining mascara is advantageous for the health of your eyes.

Eye make-up and skin care products are now available for people with sensitive eyes. These products are also recommended for contact lens wearers, available through participating dermatologists and optometry practices. For any further information regarding these products, contact us today.


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Version 30/11/2022. Author: Juarn Watson

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TransitionsTM Generation 8

Transitions Generation 8


It takes about 30 seconds for your clear Transitions™ Generation 8, photochromic lenses, to darken. Once indoors again, these lenses become clear in five minutes or less. 

The exact adjustment time required for these light-sensitive Transitions™ lenses can vary depending on temperature and the amount of ultraviolet (UV) exposure.

UV Exposure:

Transitions™ lenses have specialized dyes embedded or bonded to their surface. These dyes contain millions of molecules that produce a chemical reaction, change shape and structure when exposed to UV light. This change of molecules causes the lenses to automatically darken outdoors, even on cloudy days, but not indoors under artificial lighting (excluding fluorescent lighting).


The chemical process that darkens Transitions™ lenses also depends on factors such as temperature. This explains why Transitions™ lenses may take longer to darken when it is very cold outside. The molecules inside the lenses move and change shape slower at colder temperatures. Therefore, on hot days, Transitions™ lenses can adjust its tint and darken quickly.

Transitions™ lenses not only adjust their tint to match the light, but they also absorb 100% of UVA and UVB rays, providing total protection from the sun's most damaging rays. Like sunglasses, Transitions™ lenses can reduce the risk of developing eye conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and damage to the cornea. 

To learn more about Transitions™ photochromic light-sensitive lenses and find the technology that's right for you, schedule an appointment with one of our Optometrists.

#transitions #generation8 #uv #sun #photochromic #eyeprotection #protection #bluelight #optometrist

Version Date: 09/11/2022. Author: Bal Nagi

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Are your eyelids red and scratchy?


BlephEx is a treatment for blepharitis.  Do you have dandruff like flakes or other things built up on the eye lashes? Have you tried lid wipes, eye drops and ointments, but the redness and discomfort keep coming back?

The bacteria and mites on our skin can produce excess amounts of debris which collects at the base of the lashes or along the eyelash itself. This causes inflammation.

BlephEx is a soft, gentle spinning pad that cleans down at the bottom and along the lashes- like an electric toothbrush! This cannot be achieved with just wiping across your lashes. The procedure, done in our clinic, is quite comfortable and only takes a few minutes.

At Eyekonic, we use BlephEx to thoroughly clean your lid and lashes to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Using BlephEx will give you better results long term, when used with your routine dry eye treatment. Your eye comfort and lid appearance will improve faster and last longer.


#BlephEx #DryEyes #inflammation #treatment #blepharitis

Version Date: 02/11/2022. Author: Krystyna Zabkiewicz

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Night driving can be safety issue

Zeiss drive safe

More than half of traffic accidents happen at night,yet we only spend 25% of our time driving at night.  The risk of accidents also increases as we get older. This is due to changes in contrast sensitivity as our eyes adjust from daylight to dusk. During dusk, car headlights are not effective as the sunlight can directly strike your eyes, illuminating the foreground and background reducing contrast on the road.

There are other factors distracting your visibility on the road that adds to the stress of night driving. Night driving for spectacle wearers is more complex; changes in viewing distances, eye movements and reflections off spectacle lenses can all cause distractions. Pupil size which is larger at night, causes visual distortions for multifocal wearers as well as the single lens wearers.

Zeiss have introduced spectacle lenses for safer driving called DRIVE SAFE lenses. These lenses have three essential features to address your visual challenges: -

-Luminance design technology: Manages how your pupil reacts to the light intensity of the surroundings especially when light directly strikes the eye

-Zeiss Duravision UV drive safe coating: Relieves glare and bright light conditions, especially the blue light spectrum directed off car headlights

-Drive safe lens design: Optimized lens design to account for your head and eye movements 

#Driving #Drivesafe #night #Safety #Luminance #Duravision #Zeiss #UV #headlights #car

Version Date: 29/10/2022. Author: Bal Nagi

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Why you should service your Spectacles

Frame repairs

When you first buy your spectacles or sunglasses, you instantly love them. You handle them with as much care as possible to make sure nothing happens to them and that they stay perfect, just the way you bought them.

Over time, however, as we wear our spectacles we start to neglect them a little - hanging them off our shirts and putting them on top of our heads. This is where we, Eyekonic Optometry, can assist.  

We offer complimentary maintenance service.

Each and every pair of Spectacles/Sunglasses is different; the materials, the manufacturing and the style itself. Each spectacle service requires a very different and personal approach.

Most Common Materials used in Spectacle Manufacturing:

  • Cellulose Acetate
  • Titanium
  • Metal alloys including nickel
  • Plant based materials

Different frame materials require different needs. E.g., Titanium frames will just require a good clean and tightening of the hinges due to the material being robust. The more we service and maintain the condition of the frames, the longer you can enjoy wearing them.

What is included in Eyekonic glasses CARE

  • Inspection and cleaning of lenses and frames
  • Tightening of hinges and screws
  • Adjusting frames on you, so they sit comfortably
  • Polishing if required in specialist frames
  • Changing of nose-pads / pad arms

We recommend servicing your glasses every 6 months to ensure the condition of the frame is monitored and the lenses are free from blemishes.

Call us to book your servicing appointment today!

We will service your old spectacles/ sunglasses as well as spectacles bought elsewhere.


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Version Date: 19/10/2022. Author: Bal Nagi

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Do you rate VISION as your #1 sense you cannot live without?


If you have, then you are not alone. That is why looking after the two little windows, that are our eyes, is vital to ensure we can move around independently, exploring and enjoying the world around us.

It is beautiful being able to see the smiles of your family and friends. To be able to see their happiness will also makes you feel wonderful and happy too. 

Sight is precious. That’s why looking after your eyes is extremely important. When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

At Eyekonic Optometry, your Vision Care is our Focus. Check your vision now. Love your eyes by booking in an appointment with one of our optometrists.

Call us today on 9639 8022.

Let’s recognise the importance of sight together.

#WorldSightDay #Loveyoureyes

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Version Date: 08/10/2022. Author: Judy Kwan

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